for I am the ONE

created all worlds, and everything in between

created the nothing out of all

and the all out of nothing

created the space between spaces

just for its beauty and radiance

and see it develop into chaos and order

to be destroyed and re-appear in different shapes

and new order and chaos with new beauty


for I AM the One

giving life to matter

to make my creation experience its own beauty

giving it the power to also create

to experience the beauty of creating

to be in bliss and radiance…


for I AM the One

so easily forgotten

by the matter I gave life to…

the life that neglects its power to create,

neglects to experience the beauty of creation,

the life that thinks that only matter matters….


for I AM the One

I still am, always have been, always will be…

what I have created will come back to order

just because I have created it


It is all me,

and I AM ONE

for I am Love Eternal,

for all that matters.


Cozmic (25-02-05)

* * *


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