What You Can Do

There are many things you can do to help us reveal major cover-ups and work together to build a brighter future. Here are a number of ideas and suggestions on how you can help:

  • Send one of our suggested emails out to your friends and colleagues. See Spread the Word for our general suggested email, or for suggested emails on each major cover-up, see Consider sending one of these suggested emails or other information from our website once a month or so to those you know.
  • Visit popular readers forums and bulletin boards on the Internet and post one of our suggested emails or other information there. Post some of our key information on Wikipedia under the appropriate topics, providing links for those who want to learn more. If you want to learn how to do this, see
  • As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are very interested in finding interns to work with us on compiling and organizing reliable, verifiable information in a way that most effectively educates the public. We also welcome anyone with experience in grant writing to help us secure grants. Please contact us if you know of anyone who might be interested.
  • Set up a weekly or monthly discussion group in your area to educate your friends and neighbors on the cover-ups, and to help them see this as an opportunity to work together for a brighter future. Consider using one of our concise summaries to guide your discussions.
  • Promote this information to the media, educational institutions, governmental representatives and agencies, and others who could help to build the critical mass needed to bring all of this to public attention. You can send individuals in these institutions our suggested emails or print and distribute our two-page summaries or other key information. For information on how to reach your political representatives and the media, click here. If you have media contacts, you can also help set up interviews for the respected researchers on our team.
  • We have thousands of pages of interesting materials which have been sent to us, and dozens of informative websites that we haven’t had time to read, explore, and evaluate. We welcome anyone interested in reading, evaluating, and summarizing some of these materials for us.
  • For those with computer expertise, especially in developing and managing websites, we welcome any assistance in making this website more effective and attractive.
  • If you have skill with writing, we are very interested in finding people who can write summaries of the best books we’ve found. We can give ideas and guidelines on how best to do this. After review, we would post these summaries on the website.
  • The most powerful way any of us can help is to take a journey deep within and find the places inside of ourselves where we may be contributing to the problem. Ultimately, we believe it is the collective consciousness (or collective level of unconsciousness) of all of us which has brought about the current state of affairs. The more each of us is willing to look inside and work on areas where we are contributing to fear, polarization, and secrecy, the more we open to the possibility of transformation on both personal and global levels. For empowering ideas along these lines, don’t miss the insightful two-page summary at "Building a Brighter Future".

We greatly appreciate any donations to support our efforts. Even a small contribution can make a big difference. At this time we have only a small, largely volunteer staff with very limited time and resources. Your contribution helps to support this important work. To donate using a credit card on a secure connection or to send a check or money order by mail, click here. We will do our very best to put your contribution to the best use to build a brighter future for us all.
We are most grateful for your help and support of this important work, whatever form it might take. To volunteer or to find out more, contact us by visiting We also welcome any ideas or suggestions you might have on any aspect of our work. We know very well that the more people who work together to educate the public on all that is being hidden from us, the better chance we have of creating a brighter future for all.