Fred Burks’ Resignation

Website Founder Fred Burks’ Resignation from
State Department Reported in Washington Post

Dec. 30, 2004

Dear friends,

Many of you know from an earlier message that after working for 18 years as a language interpreter with the U.S. Department of State, I resigned last month because of a requirement to sign a new agreement which requires an excessive level secrecy. For those who don’t know, I served as an interpreter in the Indonesian language for Presidents Bush and Clinton, Vice Presidents Gore and Cheney, Secretaries of State Powell and Albright, and numerous other top officials over the years in my work with the State Department.

The secrecy clause of the contract I refused to sign states interpreters “shall not communicate to any person or organization any information known to them by reason of their performance of services that has not been made public,” unless written approval is obtained from our superiors. And this applies for the rest of our lives.


This means that if my itinerary has not been made public, I can’t even tell my friends and family in what city and hotel I’m staying while I’m away. It means that if someone tells me a good joke while I’m working, I can never tell it to anyone unless it somehow is made public. It means that if I have heart-warming, inspiring experiences with my visitors (which I’ve had many), I would not be able to share them without written approval from my superiors. I certainly understand the need for some secrecy, but this level of secrecy is ridiculous.


This new contract sadly reflects the rampant secrecy which has been growing over recent years in government.Realizing that because of this growing trend my resignation might be of interest to the media, I sent an email to my press contacts, and received some good coverage. You can read an article on my resignation in theWashington Post: (free subscription required) – Washington Post article (no subscription required)


For an article in the Oakland Tribune:


If you are interested in reading some of the fascinating, revealing stories from my high-level interpreting, you can read a summary I’ve complied at:


And for a short, inspiring story of the many little miracles that led me to interpret for presidents:


Though I am sad to leave this fascinating, enjoyable work, I am now free to focus even more of my time and energy on my deep commitment to personal and global transformation through love and empowerment. All four of the websites I founded and coordinate and these messages are manifestations of this deep commitment.


Matrix Realizations. Along the lines of personal and global transformation, I’d like to share with you a realization I had recently about the movie “The Matrix.” For those who haven’t seen it, this thought-provoking movie depicts a time where the entire population of the Earth has become hooked up to a gigantic supercomputer called the Matrix. While everyone’s bodies are in reality held in pods still and unmoving, enslaved by this master computer which feeds upon their energy, their brains are busy experiencing what is perceived to be a completely normal life.


The minds of these unmoving captives are responding to and living out a highly sophisticated computer program run and controlled by the Matrix. A few brave people in the move take the “red pill” and manage to escape this computer-generated reality to do battle with this all-powerful machine. Below is something that recently came to me about this movie while I was on a beautiful run up in the hills near my home.



Transforming the Matrix

You remember the movie “The Matrix”?

Well, guess what. We do live in the Matrix.

It is a matrix constructed of our own fears,

both individual and collective.

Acknowledging and exploring the roots of the matrix,

the roots of the fears inside of ourselves,

frees us from this controlling matrix

and allows us to more consciously create our reality.

By opening to acceptance and understanding of all parts of ourselves,

both the fear and the love, the light and the dark,

we can transform the matrix.

We can transform our fears

into a web of interconnection made of our love,

both individual and collective.

By choosing to recognize fear as an invitation to growth,

we can powerfully co-create a new paradigm of love and cooperation on Earth.

We can transform the Matrix

into a web of love and interconnectedness.



An Email with Fascinating Intelligence Information. Along the lines of this matrix and the potential for transformation, I recently received an email confirming something I had suspected for quite a while. As background, I know that in every organization around the world, there are both those who are focused on helping others and doing what’s best for all of us, and those who are focused on serving their own needs and desires, often at the expense of others. We all have these two tendencies within us. Whether we fall more on the self-serving or the service to others portion of this spectrum is largely a matter of where we choose to focus our attention and intention.


In my research of the major cover-ups going on in the world, I’ve found that intelligence agencies around the world play a decisive role in political and economic developments through their secret manipulations and a wide variety of clandestine operations. As in any organization, some of the agents in these intelligence agencies are acting largely out of selfish or deluded motives, while others are truly doing what they believe to be best for their respective countries.


Over many decades, the self-serving intelligence agents have often succeeded in manipulating the unsuspecting public into unnecessary wars and a variety of other activities that benefit the power elite at the expense of those below them in the power hierarchy. Yet other intelligence agents who are deeply committed to serving their respective countries have witnessed these self-serving manipulations by their colleagues over the years and have done what they could to prevent them.


If the email I recently received is correct, a small, but powerful group of influential intelligence agents in service of the greater good from around the world long ago formed a group called the Library. Over many decades, members of the Library have collected and archived key information on all of the secret manipulations committed by the self-serving group and the resulting effects on global politics and economics. When the self-serving group occasionally gets out of control, Library members leak certain information to the appropriate sources to prevent some really ugly things from happening.


The email I received relayed information from someone calling himself “the German guy,” who claimed to be a member of the Library. His communication was designed to prevent a purported major attack on Dec. 27th. I chose not to send this email out before the 27th, as the information was not from a reliable source, and I didn’t want to induce fear. I was also fairly certain that the attack he mentioned would be averted, as I know his information got into the hands of the people who could do something about it.

Even so, the information this gentleman provided in his communications about the Library and intelligence services was most revealing, and even inspiring. For those interested in these kinds of things, you may find the link below to be most interesting and inspiring. – six pages of communications from “The German Guy”


For those who might want more, we have a summary of all 25 pages or so of the German Guy’s communicationsavailable here(Note: Since I first sent this message, almost all the information given by the “German Guy” has been verified.)



A Speculative Interview. For those who are interested in my own speculation regarding what is going on in the world in the big picture, I was interviewed for almost an hour on this topic by a friend, Al, who is a radio DJ on an independent radio station in San Diego. The interview is available for free listening at the link below.


And for an engaging talk I gave on both major cover-ups and global transformation which is available on Youtube, click here. Thanks for your continued interest in what is going on in the world and in working together tobuild a brighter future. As we continue to open ourselves to personal and global transformation, I have no doubt that we can and will build a better world together. I wish you a most meaningful, inspiring new year ahead.

With much love and joy,

Fred Burks


P.S. For how my resignation eventually led to a week of being a celebrity in Indonesia, a front page article in theWall Street Journal, and more:


See our archive of revealing news articles at

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