A Nation Betrayed

A 10-Page Summary

Secret Cold War Experiments Performed
On Our Children and Other Innocent People

By Carol Rutz


Carol Rutz’ incredible journey from mind control victim to freedom is both harrowing and deeply inspiring. Her thorough research supporting her personal experience provides clear evidence of deeply hidden agendas within a shadow government. She explains exactly how to order the thousands of pages of released government documents upon which much of her research is based at the end of this document. Help create a better world. Spread the news.



The Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] bought my services at the tender age of four from my grandfather in 1952. Over the next 12 years, I was tested, trained, and used in various ways. Electroshock, drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and other types of trauma were used to make me compliant and split my personality (create multiple personalities for specific tasks). Each alter or personality was created to respond to a post-hypnotic trigger, then perform an act and not remember it later. This “Manchurian Candidate” program was just one of the operational uses of the mind control scenario by the CIA. Your hard earned tax dollars supported this. P. xvii

The CIA financed research project code-named MKULTRA was established to counter Soviet and Chinese advances in brainwashing and interrogation techniques. It consisted of 149 subprojects contracted out to at least 80 institutions. It was designed to study the use of biological and chemical materials in altering human behavior. CIA Director Allen Dulles approved MKULTRA on April 13, 1953. Twenty years after the conception of the MKULTRA project, all known files pertaining to it were ordered destroyed by [then CIA Director] Richard Helms before he retired. In 1977, through a Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] request, 16,000 pages of mind control documents were found, held as part of the Agency’s financial history. Most of the important details were conveniently destroyed to conceal their wrongdoing. p. xvi, xvii

As a survivor of CIA programs Bluebird/Artichoke and MKULTRA, I began my intense search to document some of the mind control experiments that I was made part of. 48 years after I was first experimented on, through a series of FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] requests to various departments of the government, I found solid proof of my memories—nearly 18,000 pages of declassified documents from the Bluebird/Artichoke and MKULTRA programs that validate my personal experiences. P. xvii

One of the documents states, “Learning studies will be instituted in which the subject will be rewarded or punished for his overall performance and reinforced in various ways—with electric shock, etc. In other cases drugs and psychological tricks will be used to modify attitudes. The experimenters will be particularly interested in dissociative states [multiple personalities or alters], and an attempt will be made to induce a number of states of this kind, using hypnosis.” The government had finally handed me the validation I had been searching for. P. xvii, xviii

My goal in writing this book is to expose the misuse of power that took place in this country during the Cold War. Thousands of innocent children who have now grown into adults are silently suffering from the effects of experiments that were done to them by their own government. Many have been diagnosed incorrectly and institutionalized. Some died because they knew too much. Others, like myself, were able to obtain competent medical help, and are struggling to heal from the physical and mental ravages upon our beings. P. xviii

For skeptics, no proof will be enough. For others, like myself, unraveling the bizarre nature of my memories has allowed me to regain control of my life. My greatest gift of healing has been to no longer operate out of fear, but from a rational, logical based reality. Will we let this story lay in the shadows forever, or do we have the courage to address these wrongs and give survivors back their voices? You be the judge. P. xix


A Star is Born

It was May of 1944. Daddy was barely out of basic training when our baby brother got sick with pneumonia causing daddy to go AWOL, at least that’s the story he always told. When the Navy caught up with him, he was thrown in the brig. Experiments like those under MKULTRA subproject 39 at the Ionia State Prison in Michigan were instituted to see if you could hypnotize a child molester and get him to divulge his ugly little secrets. They were looking for a “Truth Drug” that could be used on spies. A combination of drugs and hypnosis were used for interrogation. Tests in the brig indicated Daddy was holding very dark secrets. The government knew that at some later date this could be useful information. Blackmail was the oldest game in the book. P. 1, 2

The Reich surrendered on May 7, 1945. In 1946, President Truman authorized Project Paperclip to exploit German scientists for American research, and to deny these intellectual resources to the Soviet Union. A 1999 report to the Senate and the House said that “between 1945 and 1955, 765 scientists, engineers, and technicians were brought to the US under Paperclip and similar programs. Some of the reports bluntly pointed out that they were “ardent Nazis.” Some of the experts were accused of participating in murderous medical experiments on human subjects at concentration camps. P. 2, 3, xi

In 1947, President Truman specifically assigned the CIA responsibility for covert psychological operations. CIA personnel were not opposed to working with Nazi doctors who had proven to be proficient in breaking the mind and rebuilding it. In some cases military bases were used to hide these covert activities. P. 7, xvii

In December of 1947, I was born. P. 7

Since I was just a baby in diapers when my dad started abusing me, I learned to go someplace else in my head to preserve my sanity. After awhile, when my grandfather started doing the same things and worse, I learned to dissociate even more. I began creating separate parts of personalities to hold the memories of this trauma. The technical term is alters. P. 13

Grandpa brought with him the pedophilic traits of his forefathers. I’m sure that I was not the first child to star in his pornographic films, which were distributed to some very wealthy, notable figures, probably through the mob. Having found this out, the CIA took advantage of this to enlist grandpa’s cooperation. When I was four, this big shot from the CIA paid a visit to grandpa. They were looking for children who had the ability to disassociate from reality for a project named Bluebird/Artichoke. He talked about patriotism and how grandpa could become a big shot, too, and get money for helping to rid the world of Commies. He just had to let the CIA perform a few little experiments on me. National security was at stake. That day, it was decided that in exchange for some money and freedom from prosecution for making child pornography, I would become the government’s little experiment. P. 11 – 13

In a memo six months before I was first used in experiments, Bluebird states that practical research was to be conducted. The nature of this research [was] to include these specific problems:

  • Can we create by post-H [hypnotic] control an action contrary to an individual’s basic moral principles?
  • Can we “alter” a person’s personality?
  • What would be the fastest way to induce SI and H conditions? P. 13, 14
  • Can we “condition” by post-H suggestion agency employees to prevent them from giving information to any unauthorized source?
  • Can we by H and SI techniques force a subject to travel long distances, commit specified acts and return to us or bring documents or materials?
  • Can we in a matter of an hour, one day, etc., induce an H condition in an unwilling subject to such an extent that he will perform an act for our benefit?
  • Could we seize a subject and in the space of an hour or two by post-H control have him crash an airplane, wreck a train, etc.?
  • Can we guarantee total amnesia under any and all conditions?
  • Can we devise a system for making unwilling subjects into willing agents, and then transfer control to agency agents in the field by use of codes or identifying signs or credentials? P. 13, 14

Many of the mind control experiments that were carried out under MKULTRA were done out of fear that the Russians were in the forefront of this field. In a CIA report made public in the late 60s, they estimated the technical staff of one Soviet parapsychology laboratory at 300 physicists, doctors, biochemists, and electrical engineers. The “Red Scare” promoted by Joe McCarthy was the overriding theme of why “Anything Goes” when it came to these experiments. P. 66

The following day, I was put in a white panel van with my little suitcase. [After arriving somewhere in Detroit] intense electroshock was delivered in order to allow my mind to dissociate and create Samantha who would never feel pain. In the future, whenever I was to be put through a torturous painful experience, Samantha would automatically be the alter who took over the body. She would hide the memory and the pain from the rest of my system. P. 15, 18

Guy was created, and in the coming years would display psychic abilities that the CIA found very useful. Guy was taught to store all the anger and hatred accumulated during abuse and use it psychically. The CIA proposed a three to five year research project for exceptionally gifted individuals who could obtain perfect and scattered ESP test performance. Since I displayed psychic abilities, they trained Guy to use these abilities in a way they hoped would benefit the agency. The CIA then made sure that this project would never be made known. The document says, “It would be necessary to be exceedingly careful about thorough cloaking of the undertaking.” P. 19, 20

My Baby part grew to love and depend on “Daddy Sid” as her only source of love and nourishment. A deep bonding took place with Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, Directorate of Operations of the Technical Services Staff (TSS) of CIA in charge of their behavioral program through MKULTRA. No matter what experiment he was to make me a part of, I would love and remain loyal to the man who my baby alter considered sole supplier of the basics of life, food, and love. P. 19


Men Behind the Shadow Government

1953 proved to be an important year for mind control when Allen Dulles was confirmed Director of the CIA. Dulles authorized Operation MKULTRA. Originally established as a supplementary funding mechanism to the ARTICHOKE project, MKULTRA quickly grew into a mammoth undertaking that outflanked earlier mind control initiatives. In 1978, Admiral Stansfield Turner, Director of the CIA, testified that 140 Subprojects appeared to have connection with research into behavioral modification, drug acquisition and testing or administering drugs surreptitiously. P. 28

Among the 15 categories of subprojects were:

  • Research into the effects of behavior drugs and/or alcohol: 6 subprojects involving tests on unwitting human beings.
  • Research on hypnosis: 8 subprojects, including two involving hypnosis and drugs in combination.
  • Single subprojects in such areas as the effects of electroshock, harassment techniques for offensive use, analysis of extrasensory perception [ESP], and gas propelled sprays and aerosols. P. 29

Under Dulles, MKULTRA funneled funds to 185 non-government researchers and assistants working for 80 institutions. These institutions included 44 colleges or universities, 15 research foundations or chemical or pharmaceutical companies, 12 hospitals or clinics, and 3 penal institutions. Dulles cared little for the methods that were used to accomplish the secret projects he funded. His brother John Foster Dulles was US Secretary of State from 1953-1959. In Containing Communism, Mr. Dulles was quoted as saying, “President Eisenhower surrendered all his power to me.” As long as John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State, Allen Dulles had no need to “chafe under political control.” P. 29, 30

In January 1951, high commissioner of occupied Germany John McCloy announced that only five of the 15 death sentences from the Nuremberg judgments would be carried out. He then reduced the sentences of 64 out of the remaining 74 war criminals. One third of these were to be released immediately. He also reduced the sentences of all remaining convicted doctors who had experimented on concentration camp inmates. McCloy had sat in Adolf Hitler’s box at the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin. Prior to the war, McCloy was a senior partner with Milbank, Tweed, whose most important client was the Rockefeller family’s bank, Chase National. In 1947, McCloy was named to head the World Bank. McCloy and two other board members spent three months in Nelson Rockefeller’s personal home organizing the bank along commercial lines. In the 50s, McCloy became chairman of Chase National Bank and David Rockefeller became his protégé. P. 31, 32

Nelson Rockefeller was appointed Special Assistant for Psychological Strategy in 1954. Officially, Nelson was to give advice and assistance in the development of increased understanding and cooperation among all peoples. Unofficially, the nature of the post was Presidential Coordinator for the CIA. As part of Nelson’s responsibilities, he attended meetings of the Cabinet, the Council on Foreign Economic Policy, and the National Security Council—the highest policy making body in the government. He also functioned as the head of a secret unit called the Planning Coordination Group, consisting of himself, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles. P. 34

In 1979, John Loftus, working for the Office of Special Investigations, made a trip to Maryland to search the classified files for information on Nazi’s that had been brought into the country. He was astounded to find 20 underground vaults crammed floor to ceiling with classified files. Loftus says that Nelson Rockefeller and Vice President Nixon supervised the cover-up and burial of these files so that President Eisenhower could claim “plausible deniability.” In fact, years later when President Gerald Ford established a presidential commission to investigate the CIA, Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller was named to head it. P. 34

A 1951 declassified document clarifies the kind of people that were employed by the CIA to teach hypnotism. “On 2 July 1951, instruction began with [deleted] relating some of his sexual experiences. [Deleted] stated the he had constantly used hypnotism as a means of inducing young girls to engage in sexual intercourse with him. [Deleted] stated that many times while going home on [deleted], he would use hypnotic suggestion to have a girl turn around and talk to him and suggest sexual intercourse to him; and that as a result of these suggestions induced by him, he spent approximately five nights a week away from home engaging in sexual intercourse.” P. 23

All the key players were now in various positions of government to carry on their covert activities under a cloak of secrecy. Shadow Government was indeed an appropriate name for the people who would move behind the scenes to enlist children to fight their Cold War for them by making them guinea pigs, and in some cases hypnotized operatives, couriers, spies, and assassins. P. 35


Training for the Agency

“Precautions must be taken not only to protect operations from exposure to enemy forces, but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general. The knowledge that the Agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political circles, and would be detrimental to the accomplishment of its mission.” Quote from the CIA Inspector General in assessing the benefits of Mind Control Research. P. 37

I was told that I worked for “The Agency.” It was in actuality, key men and women in the CIA and other branches of the government, in league with certain extremely wealthy individuals who wanted to remain in the shadows shaping the outcome of world events. As Lt. Col. Roberts said when he testified before a special joint committee of the Wisconsin State Legislature, “The most secret knowledge, a science which outdates history, is the science of control over people, governments and civilizations. The foundation of this ultimate discipline is the control of wealth. Through the control of wealth comes the control of public information. Through the control of news media comes thought control. A significant portion of the American public is yet to become aware of the Invisible Government of Monetary Power.” P. 37

Early on, an information hot line was established between the people of money and power—people like Allen Dulles, Sid Gottlieb, Richard Nixon, and others. This hotline enabled them to be kept informed of the content of these experiments, and who was participating. They, in turn, found ways of blackmailing certain of these politicians, doctors, and scientists, so that they could control and manipulate some of the experiments. Many of the experiments started in MKULTRA continued behind the scenes independent of most of our government Black Projects. Burton Hersh describes the “no questions asked” as giving “rise to that generation’s intelligence barons—its mysterious, mission-oriented professionals who held themselves accountable to nobody, unconcerned with constitutional limitations.” P. 38

The Senate Intelligence Committee concluded in 1976 that the CIA used compartmentation in the MKULTRA Program to conceal their “unethical and illicit activities.” Senator Frank Church, who led the congressional investigations of the CIA’s improper and unlawful actions said that the agency was “a rogue elephant” operating above the law and out of control as it plotted assassinations, illegally spied on thousands of Americans, and even drugged our own citizens in its effort to develop new weapons for its covert arsenal.” The Agency would use any methods it needed to achieve its goals. P. 38

Former CIA/DIA deep-cover agent “Chip” Tatum takes this a step further when he speaks of a group he calls “Pegasus.” He says that this group operated on behalf of the US and other governments, undertaking tasks that ranged from narcotics smuggling to assassinations. The mission of Pegasus, Tatum explains is “to align world leaders and financiers to our [US] policies and standards.” P. 38

Less you dismiss this as just another conspiracy theory, in November 1998 in an interview with The Observer, former US Ambassador to Chile Edward Korry told a remarkable story. Korry described still classified cables, and information censored in papers, but now available under the FOIA. He had served under Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. He told how US companies from Cola to copper used the CIA as an international debt collection agency and investment security force. The Observer reported that the CIA’s Oct. 1970 plot to overthrow Chile’s Allende was the result of a plea for action a month earlier by PepsiCo chairman Kendall to the company’s former lawyer, President Nixon.P. 39

The mind-controlled parts of me were told they had a “Nobler Purpose” and that they “must survive at any cost.” Yet, suicide programs were layered into my system in the event that I should start to heal and tell. The strength and courage it has taken to break the hold these men had on my mind, and not react to this suicide programming, is a clear indicator of the beauty of the spirit that lay within each of us. P. 41

The Agency arranged with Grandfather to start my sexual training in 1954. I was forced to participate in a traumatizing initiation rite of manhood for my 12-year-old brother on Grandfather’s pool table. I was to totally lose my sexual self to a new persona created that day from the trauma I was forced to endure. Grandfather gave the new part the name Carlotta. From that day forward, he trained her in various ways to please one particular man. He was a very wealthy man who I knew as Rocky. He contributed large sums of money to the “Cause.” Consequently, whatever he wanted, he got. P. 41, 42

Two years later my grandfather and an uncle used the basement for their kiddy porn productions. One afternoon, Grandfather walked over to the incinerator door and motioned for me to come over. He proceeded to push my head into the opening. He made it very clear that ashes were all that would remain of me if I didn’t cooperate. Sometimes I would be alone and asked to pose in what I now know were provocative poses. Other times Grandfather would have some of the other grandchildren there with me. The fear he was able to produce guaranteed cooperation. P. 42

Momma ran away from home. Daddy told us that if we would only be better children, she wouldn’t run away. Guilt was a wonderful control mechanism and daddy used it effectively every chance he got. He had such control over momma that she never had a chance. He tracked momma down at her sister’s home several hundred miles away where she thought she had escaped him. He brought her home, and into the mental hospital she went. P. 43, 44

I was a physical and emotional wreck from the nightly molestations. My hands shook uncontrollably all of the time, and I was unable to eat or sleep. My brothers took to calling me “Jervous and Nerky.” Momma had undergone a series of electric shocks that left her a walking zombie. So much of her memory was gone that she had to relearn a lot of personal information she had forgotten. P. 44, 45

Momma wasn’t alone in receiving electroshock to make her more submissive and alter her personality. Dr. Ewen Cameron of McGill University in Montreal, Canada was doing MKULTRA experiments with electroshock and drugs for the CIA. Dr. Cameron was later elected president of the American Psychiatric Association in 1953 and went on to become the first president of the World Psychiatric Association. Such a notable list of accomplishments for a heartless man whose experiments would rival some that took place in Nazi Germany. P. 46

Cameron’s experiments funded under MKULTRA Subproject 68 were called depatterning or “psychic driving.” He combined electro convulsive therapy [ECT] with chemically induced sleep therapy. The intensive electroshocks used in these experiments were not the same form of ECT used routinely in the treatment of depression. Both the voltage and the number of shocks administered were greatly increased. Instead of stopping after the procedure had induced one grand mal seizure, the subjects were shocked again and again until no further seizures could be elicited. There was no question that this was a profoundly intrusive and destructive form of electroshock, which was far different from that which was conventionally used for therapeutic purposes. P. 46, 47

While sleeping, patients would be forced to listen to messages designed to reprogram their behavior. Cameron wrote that psychic driving provided a way to make “direct, controlled changes in personality.” Working with his assistant Leonard Rubenstein, Cameron experimented with sensory deprivation combined with drugs to break down the subject’s will and leave them open to the taped messages. In an August 2, 1977 New York Times interview, Rubenstein admitted that their work was directly related to brainwashing. P. 47

I was about 12 years old, and what Dr. Cameron did to me became burned in my mind. First, I was given a shot of curare and placed in a box in a converted stable behind the hospital that housed a behavioral laboratory. Then snakes were put over my body and the lid was closed in the box. I was completely conscious, but unable to move as a result of the curare. This trauma was to insure that I would never speak about what was to come later. At the end of my programming by Dr. Cameron, a [taped] voice gave me trigger codes for self-destruction. This was done to prevent me from telling about the nature of this experiment in the event I would ever begin to remember. P. 48, 52

From January 1957 until September 1960, Dr. Cameron’s project received $64,242.44 in CIA funds. When the CIA stopped funding him, Cameron received $57,750 from the Canadian government to continue his research. The actual number of patients on whom Cameron reported trying varieties of his experimental techniques is reported as 332. In 1988, nine of these Canadian survivors agreed to an out-of-court settlement of $750,000 after an eight-year battle with CIA lawyers. P. 52, 53

John Gittinger, CIA agent and psychologist, was Ewen Cameron’s project officer. In testimony before Congress on August 3, 1977, Gittinger responds to Senator Kennedy’s questions on his involvement. “The general idea we were able to come up with is that brainwashing was largely a process of isolating a human being, keeping him out of contact, putting him out of control, putting him under long stress in relationship to interviewing and interrogation, and that they could produce any change that way.” P. 53

In one of the experiments, I was forced to lie on a table with my head immobilized. Dr. Penfield inserted an electrode into the sleeve guides that were already imbedded in my head. I do not remember who put the sleeve guides in. I only know that the methods had been developed by Dr. John Lilly. P. 60, 61

Dr. Lilly said that his experiments had proven that electrical stimuli in specific areas of the brain could cause either intense rewarding or intense punishing experiences in humans. He summarized, “At any time an adult human being can be reduced to the childish level. Such a state can be induced by lack of sleep, by starvation, by torture, by isolation, by profound confinement, by drugs, by direct electrical stimulation. An adult can be forced to learn by means almost thoroughly beyond his control. I am speaking here of powerful means used ruthlessly with few scruples.” P. 62

Dr. Lilly describes the technique of electrode implantation. “Electrodes could be implanted in the brain without using anesthesia. During the process of implantation, there was no more pain than that of a needle prick in the scalp. Short lengths of hypodermic needle tubing equal in length to the thickness of the skull were quickly pounded through the scalp into the skull. These stainless steel guides furnished passageways for the insertion of electrodes into the brain to any desired distance. Because of the small size of the sleeve guides, the scalp quickly recovered from the small hole made in it, and the sleeve guide remained imbedded in the bone for months to years. At any time he desired, the investigator could palpate [rub] the scalp and find the location of each of the sleeve guides. Once one was found, he inserted a needle down through the bone. After withdrawing the needle, the investigator placed a small sharp electrode in the track made by the needle and pressed the electrode through the skull and down into the substance of the brain to any desired depth.” I am but one of the many children who were the CIA’s convenient experimental subjects, used to perfect similar results here in the US. P. 62, 67

Most survivors seem to have more than one level of programming. P. 67

  • Alpha is general programming within the control personality.
  • Beta is sexual programming, i.e. child pornography, prostitution, and sexual training used for the benefit of a handler for blackmail or personal use. This programming eliminates all learned moral conviction from the survivor, so that the function can be carried out without inhibition.
  • Delta is a trained killer, a sleeping assassin. Delta survivors feel no fear and have been trained in the use of specialized arms and alternative methods of disposal.
  • Theta is psychic killing. Most survivors with Theta programming exhibit an unusually high level of ESP in their day-to-day lives.
  • Omega is self-destruct programming installed in the event a survivor would start remembering. It was used to prevent them from going public. There generally is self-destruct programming associated with Delta assassin programming if the survivor is captured. P. 67, 68

As explained in Secret Weapons, Sid Gottlieb turned children into warriors who would be perfect Manchurian candidates, perfect spies and assassins who are ignorant of their orders, fitting into society easily and anonymously, until a code is used to awaken them and send them into action. P. 68


Dr. Black

Mind control survivors have identified doctors used by the CIA under Project MKULTRA as having used different aliases. I have personally spoken and corresponded with many of these child Cold War survivors. It seems colors were one of the most commonly used themes. Many survivors have identified Josef Mengele as using the aliases Dr. Green, Dr. Black, Dr. Swartz (black in German), Father Joseph, or Vaterchen (daddy) when he did their programming. The experiments and programming he used on us were of such a heinous nature, that they were not unlike some of those performed at Auschwitz. P. 69

In 1937, Mengele was appointed research assistant at the Third Reich Institute for Heredity, Biology, and Racial Purity. Mengele provided “experimental materials” to the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology from twins including eyes, blood, and other body parts from Auschwitz. Mengele fled Auschwitz in January 1945 before the Russians liberated the camp. French government documents state that the Americans had captured Mengele in late 1946. According to the French, Mengele “was released without explanation by the Americans on November 19, 1946.” The French claimed that American authorities confirmed the Mengele arrest and release on Feb. 29, 1947. P. 70, 71

This is [one] survivor’s account of her intimate contact with this evil escapee from Nazi Germany. ”The insidious part of his work with me was the love thing. He would love me and torture me. One of Mengele’s favorite phrases was, ‘Pain is pleasure, and pleasure is pain, my dear. I am here to make you very happy! You will love me forever!’ I remember being on the floor with him playing piano in nothing but his boots and a tuxedo coat with tails, as he ordered the men working with him to shock me with cattle prods while he played. It was sort of like musical chairs. When he stopped playing, they stopped shocking; or when he played, they stopped, according to which rules he used that week!” P. 80

I, too, was privy to Mengele’s torture in 1956 when I was almost nine years old. I was placed in one of these cages, and like the others, deprived of food and water. I became very cold and continually hunched over to hide my nakedness. Every time I tried to sleep, someone with a cattle prod reached through the bars and poked me. The purpose of all this torture was to prepare us for programming. There was a hospital where each of us was taken after the torture made us compliant. P. 81, 82

Another survivor reports “abuse to create many traumatized alters to use in programming more specific functions later on. Mengele split the alters so that one would remember him being very loving, but it included a lot of sexual abuse, and other parts would experience terror at his cruelty. With the first alter, he created the experience that he was inside our mind being very nurturing and teaching her [the alter] that she will always want only him. With another alter, he was mean, creating a rage alter by killing a little boy she had felt bonded with as her little protector.” P. 84

Another survivor says, “Using me as their guinea pig, Dr. Black taught dad how to create alter states in children. He would begin by traumatizing the host personality, and then traumatize each resulting alter state until it went ‘under.’ Each time a part went under, and a new part with no memory emerged, dad assigned this part of the broken personality a name. He recorded the names and traits each alter-state seemed to have. Being an engineer, he usually used flowcharts and blueprints.” P. 84 “

Yet another survivor explains a horrible sexual trauma: “Dr. Black somehow attached chains to my wrists and ankle. He inserted the object into me ‘down there’ from behind. When the charge hits the nervous system, everything hurts and contracts in a hellish fashion. I did start saying aloud over and over again, ‘I’m sorry’ (for what, it didn’t matter) and ‘I’ll be a good girl, I promise, I promise….’ He may have hypnotized me, because his eyes got darker as I looked up at them, and I heard his left fingers snap and the shackles were gone. I thought he was a magician. That made him seem all the more powerful to me. After that, he told me that only with him would I be safe. I understood that if I stayed loyal to him, I would not be hurt again. The doctor told dad the he, the doctor, and others worked on each person until they were ready to do whatever they were told. He said the final test had been for friends and close relatives of the prisoners to be brought there. The prisoners were then ordered to attack their loved ones and kill them. He also talked about breeding. Dad was considered “closer” to perfection because he had the blond hair and gray-blue eyes and was in excellent physical condition. P. 87 – 89

In 1998, Congress passed a law requiring declassification of Nazi war criminals files held by US intelligence agencies. The CIA had refused to acknowledge the existence of these records up until that time, not unlike their continued denial of many other things until they are faced with irrefutable evidence from outside sources. 10,000 pages of declassified CIA files were released on April 27, 2001, detailing working relationships with some of the same Nazi’s that were wanted for war crimes. P. 97

The web of secrecy that made the Holocaust possible is the same web that allowed innocent children in the US to become victims of their government’s fear of communism. If we allow that web of secrecy to continue because it is too painful and horrifying to read about and believe, nothing will prevent it from happening again. Too many children, including myself, were systematically brainwashed. Our minds became our concentration camp. Only now by healing and speaking out, have we become liberated. P. 98



Four years into marriage, my programming started to deteriorate and my memories began to haunt me. My struggle to free myself was the most difficult road I had yet walked. Many times I survived solely because others believed I could. I cried enough tears in the last ten years to turn the Sahara desert into an oasis. As the healing continued, I found a new person hiding beneath all the splintered diamonds of my personality. Integrating the facets of these troubled pieces of myself came as I understood that I no longer had to walk the trail of tears from the past. I could at last be free to choose my path. It was all such a marvelous discovery—this freedom of mind, this tranquility, this peace. P. 102

My handlers no longer contact me. The last time they tried by phone to activate an alter with preprogrammed cues, they failed. The man who phoned was extremely upset. He and so many others believed our programming would never break down. What they could never foresee was the indomitable fighting nature that perhaps they themselves had instilled. The need to find the truth and expose it was much larger than the fear they used to control me. I don’t believe I’m special. I’m just one of the many Cold War children who were convenient lab rats for a group of despicable people. I thank God for the accountants of the world and the records they keep. Without those MKULTRA, Bluebird, and Artichoke documents, my story would sound like just another piece of science fiction. By exposing the truth, I have a last been able to free much of my own hatred and pain. Understanding, speaking the truth, and forgiveness frees. The truth can set us free. P. 103

A daughter remains loyal to her father after being violated because he uses his power to keep her silent and submissive. Many times the secret remains hidden for decades. So too, due to the top-secret classification of these files, the entire picture of covert experimentation has remained hidden from the very citizens who themselves were used as guinea pigs. A child who is removed from a hostile environment and then placed in an environment where it receives protection, can recover and lead a productive life. We too, as a nation, can recover form the horrendous effects of this abuse of power, if we will only speak out. We must not let this lay dormant in the shadows of secrecy any longer. We can bury the hardships and deceit of the past by building a government that is worthy of our trust. The foundation of that trust must be built on truth, not secrecy. P. 101

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Marks, J. The Search for the Manchurian Candidate. New York: W.W. Norton, 1988. To order this book, click here.

Project Bluebird/Artichoke’s primary purpose was the study of special interrogation techniques—primarily hypnosis, truth serums and brainwashing. See CIA-1978-S421-1 Project MKULTRA, The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification, Appendix A, pg 66, Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, United States Senate Ninety-Fifth Congress, First Session, August 3, 1977. For instructions on how to order this document from the National Archives, click here.

CIA MORI ID 17395, p. 18. ESP Research, 1961 and 1962. This is a declassified CIA document dealing with mind control. To verify the statement in the text, use the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request as described on our ten-page mind control summary at You should receive the government mind control CDs within a month of your request. Once you receive them, look up the MORI ID number listed. For free, unlimited access to these documents, see the Black Vault Government Archive: To go directly to the above document, click here.

CIA MORI ID 17436. This is a declassified CIA document. To verify this statement, order the 20,000 pages of CIA mind control documents on three CDs for $30 using the FOIA request as listed at You should receive the CDs within a month of your request. Look up the MORI ID number listed.

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Interagency Working Group appointed to inform the appropriate committees of the US Senate and House of the activities of the Nazi War Criminal Records.

CIA MORI ID 140401, p. 6, 7. This is a declassified CIA document. To order this document go to, and follow the instructions. This document is not included in the mind control CDs.

CIA MORI ID 190885, January 1, 1950, Drugs and Electricity, “Research work on the use of electric shock and the encephalograph in interrogation. Particular emphasis on the detection of prior use of electric shock and the ‘guaranteed amnesia’ resulting from it.” This is a declassified CIA document. To order this document go to, and follow the instructions. This document is not included in the mind control CDs.

A CIA declassified memo from May 5, 1955 states, “Post-hypnotic suggestions reiterated during several sessions of hypnosis have been known to endure for years. A skilled operator with a good subject can not only find out completely about a subject’s past; he can cause the subject to re-enact a recruitment, training, briefing, etc. Perhaps less obvious is the possibility of using regression to build a new identity, and in some degree, a changed personality.”

CIA MORI ID 149566, dated November 21, 1951. This is a declassified CIA document. To verify this statement, order the 20,000 pages of CIA mind control documents on three CDs for $30 using the FOIA request as listed at You should receive the CDs within a month of your request. Look up the MORI ID number listed.

In 1960 he became Chief of the Research and Development Component. In 1962 he became Deputy Chief of Technical Services Division, and 1966 – 1973 Chief of TSD.

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Nexus Magazine, Volume 4, #4 (June-July 1997)., PO Box 30, Mapleton Old 4560 Australia. See Volume 4, #3 (April-May 1997) for the first half of the interview.

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CIA MORI 17441, The Study of Dissociated States, “Experiments involving altered personality function as a result of environmental manipulation (chiefly sensory isolation) have yielded promising leads in terms of suggestibility and the production of trance-like states. There is reason to believe that environmental manipulations can affect the tendencies for dissociative phenomena.” This is a declassified CIA document. To verify this statement, order the 20,000 pages of CIA mind control documents on three CDs for $30 using the FOIA request as listed at You should receive the CDs within a month of your request. Look up the MORI ID number listed.

CIA MORI ID 17468. This is a declassified CIA document dealing with mind control. To verify the statement in the text, use the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request as described on our ten-page mind control summary at You should receive the government mind control CDs within a month of your request. Once you receive them, look up the MORI ID number listed. For free, unlimited access to these documents, go to the Black Vault Government Archive at

Other Mental Health Project Grants awarded to Dr. Cameron by the Department of National Health and Welfare were:
Project #604-5-11, The Effect of Senescence on Resistance to Stress, $195,388, 50-57,
Project #604-5-13, Research Studies on EEG and Electrophysiology, $60,353, 50-57,
Project #604-5-14, Support for a Behavioral Laboratory, $17,875, 50-54,
Project #604-5-76, Study of Effect of Nucleic Acid on Memory Impairment in the Aged, $18,000, 59-63,
Project #604-5-432, A Study of Factors Which Promote or Retard Personality Change in Individuals Exposed to Prolonged Repetition of Verbal Signals, $57,750, 61-64, see Collins, Anne. In the Sleep room. The Story of CIA Brainwashing in Canada. Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1988/1998, p. 189. To order this book, click here.

Collins, Anne. In the Sleep room. The Story of CIA Brainwashing in Canada. Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1988/1998, p. 258. To order this book, click here.

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Dr. Lilly was not the only one experimenting with this technique. In 1955, he and Dr. J. Roe, B. Mountcastle, and L. Kurger, Johns Hopkins Medical School; Drs. C. Woolsey and J. Hind, University of Wisconsin; Dr. Karl Pribram, Institute of Living, Hartford Conn.; Dr. Leonard Malis, Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York City experimented on dolphins at Marineland.

Sponsored by the Center for Abuse Recovery & Empowerment, The Psychiatric institute of Washington, D.C., June 25, 1992, Alexandria, Virginia.

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